Bytom Coin Advantages and disadvantages

You only have to buy a small amount of Bytom Coin to use the features of the platform. After all, you can also earn the coin on the blockchain by paying a dividend or by mining and the coin only fulfills a few functions that are supposed to maintain the network. What this means is that the coin itself has no great intrinsic value. However, this has not prevented the price from developing well so far.

The wallet can store various currencies, not just crypto currencies. Finally, it was created to manage these currencies as assets. The ability to manage the wallet using multiple keys allows a high degree of control and flexibility at the same time. A wallet can be used by a private individual and at the same time release parts of it for the management of public assets.

Of course, Byt/om is not the first blockchain that allows the management of assets. However, the potential scope of asset management via Byt om is much greater than on other platforms. This is because Byt/om also focuses on physical assets rather than purely digital ones. Governments, individuals and businesses will want to connect more and more assets to the blockchains in the future. And Byt/om could be exactly the platform for that. But the development isn’t finished yet and you have to wait a bit to see if everything will work the way the team imagined it would.

Bytom Course and the Bitcoin revolution

For the first time the crypto currency could be traded on November 9, 2017. There it was still worth 11 cents. In the course of November, the coin fell below the 10 cents, then down to up to 8 cents. At the beginning of December the Bitcoin revolution BTM coin experienced a slight ascent, back to 11 cents. Then the price suddenly rose to 16 cents, then fell slightly and began from the middle of the month a continuous price increase, which stopped only before Christmas. Almost 40 cents per coin could reach the crypto currency. After the holidays, the price fell somewhat and fluctuated between 29 and 36 cents.

In January 2018 the hype around the crypto currencies found its climax for the first time and also the crypto currency was seized by it. First the course rose on 50 cent per Coin and a few days afterwards it was nearly 60 cent. Then the Bytom Coin course sank again down, but so it went nearly all crypto currencies at this time. In the following January and February days the Coin usually quoted around 30 cent.

To the Bytom prognosis: In the new year the crypto currency notes substantially better than still in the year before. Nevertheless, it is still a little too early to make a statement about the future of Byt/om on the basis of the price. Presumably the price will follow the general developments on the crypto market for a while until the blockchain will be completely ready for use and will find wide applications. Until then the price can fall or rise again.

Create Bytom Coin Wallet

An own wallet does not exist yet. Instead the MyEtherWallet offers itself as an alternative, if you want to store Bytom Coins. To create these, you only have to click on the „Create New Wallet“ page of the wallet and download the keystore file. You need this to get access to the wallet. You also get the private key and the address of the wallet.

Where can I buy the Bytom Coin?
If you want to buy Bytom Coin, you can contact Huobi,, Bibox, KuCoin, Big One, HitBTC, Cryptopia and Ether delta. Usually you have to exchange the crypto currency for Bitcoins or Ether. The purchase with dollar is possible on and HitBTC.

Conclusion Bytom Coin
Bytom is a promising project that could become an important part of the financial world. After all, it is another step towards expanding the application areas of crypto currencies and connecting them to the physical world.

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